LETTER: Be Informed about Upcoming ECFR Commissioner Elections

October 16, 2011

I retired from ECFR in 2008 after serving our rural community as a volunteer firefighter since 1977.  During that time I saw many improvements in Fire District 9.  The merger with Fire District 1 in 2006 created East County Fire & Rescue. Not only did that add many volunteers, it raised the Board of Fire Commissioners to 5 seats. The current Board has done an outstanding job of managing ECFR’s budget to provide apparatus, equipment and facilities, so that ECFR’s dedicated volunteers can provide emergency services to the residents of the area.  Training, under the guidance of Chief Scott Koehler and his staff, keeps those volunteers up to date on their skills.

The terms of commissioners John Clancy, George (Jack) Hoober and Gary Larson expire this year and each are seeking re-election.  They are an integral part of a team that has served the voters of the ECFR area well, keeping cost efficient service and financial stability in the department.  The diverse backgrounds of all of the commissioners provides for a comprehensive view of the challenges they face.  In contrast, having three professional firefighters in control of ECFR would severely restrict that view and possibly put the financial future of the department in jeopardy.  To me, the opposition candidates seem to present a conflict of interest to the well being of ECFR.

Please, be an informed voter and visit www.fcomm.org for a more information about the accomplishments of the current Board of Fire Commissioners and the detrimental effects that ECFR could face pending the outcome of this important election.  Join me in voting to retain these conscientious stewards of YOUR fire department.  Keep Clancy, Hoober, and Larson as fire commissioners to protect ECFR and its volunteers.

Jim Ludwig

Fern Prairie, WA