LETTER: Clear Reasons Why Gary Larson, Jack Hoober, and John Clancy Should be Retained as ECFR Commissioners

October 21, 2011

I was a volunteer firefighter with Fire District 9 for 26 years before the recent merger to what is now East County Fire and Rescue.  During my fire service, I had held a number of different positions and was assistant chief when I retired in 2002.

In that 26 years, I attended numerous meetings with Gary Larson pertaining to FD-9.  I became acquainted with Jack Hoober and John Clancy through meetings related to FD-1 and FD-9 before the merger.  What I can tell you is that all three men are experienced, dedicated and make good decisions.  Their collective experience managed the taxpayer dollars efficiently in both good and poor economic climates.

Fire Chief Scott Koehler has worked with the commissioners to mold ECFR into an efficient, well managed and organized fire district.  East County Fire and Rescue is not broken and does not need Camas to come and fix it.  In fact, the articles written by candidates running for fire commissioners found little fault with the management of ECFR.

I urge the voters to retain Gary Larson, Jack Hoober, and John Clancy for fire commissioners in ECFR.  With their excellent decision making and leadership they have earned the right to be re-elected.

Joe Russell
Camas, WA