LETTER: Regarding Questions about ECFR Volunteer Fire Fighter Training

October 16, 2011

East County Fire & Rescue Fire Fighters logged 5,377 training hours in FY2010.  This included national standard classes on Fire Fighter I & II; Hazardous Materials response & Incident Command; Incident Safety Officer, Instructor; and several Wildland firefighting disciplines.  There are State certifications for Emergency Driving,

There were in-house academies on Strategy & Tactics, Pump Operation and Customer Service, as well as classes on Water and Rope Rescue, Auto Extrication, Rescue operations, management, supervision, leadership, etc.

Currently, our 40 Line personnel have 35 IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Council) accreditations, with more Members participating in accreditation testing last week.

Additionally, our Agency is compliant with Federal standards for Incident Command training (IS-100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800) with some of our personnel, both Volunteer and Career, serving on the Regional Incident Management Team.

Over one dozen ECFR personnel either have/will soon receive Associates Degrees in Fire Science.  About one-half dozen have/will soon receive Bachelor degrees in Fire Administration.   Several Members have attended the National Fire Academy or the Emergency Management Institute.

Several drills are held daily to complete Task Books.  There are monthly, quarterly and annual training goals.  ECFR’s personnel regularly attend in-house training, as well as outside training that exceeds State and Federal training requirements.

Volunteers make-up 80% of ECFR.  They perform as Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Rope Rescue and Water Rescue providers, Driver/Pump Operators, Crew Leaders and Incident Commanders.  They support emergency operations, provide public education, and support community events.  These ECFR Members respond regularly, receive on-going training, can serve as Members or Leaders of crews, receive annual evaluations regarding their performance, and commit thousands of hours of time and effort in service to our Community.

Scott Koehler, Fire Chief

East County Fire & Rescue