Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…..

October 24, 2011

You’ve seen them everyday, on every corner, around every bend.   Political signs.  There is just no avoiding them.  But just how effective are they?  Do people really decide who to vote for based on the candidates signs?

I decided to find out.  Here you will see all the signs that are currently posted for candidates (who have opponents) in elections for East Clark County.  Look them over, and give me your feedback.  Tell me what you think about (1) the over-all look, (2) is the message clear to you, (3) do the colors make a difference, (4) do you just hate signs and it doesn’t matter to you, (5) are signs important in an election, and (6) do signs influence your vote?  What is your favorite sign?  Least favorite sign?  If you have more to say, please let me know.

Send your comments to:  I will be publishing these online for readers to see, and will use only your first name and last initial.

Here are the signs: (The comments will be below the signs….scroll down).








“A sign for Molly Coston, the best candidate for Washougal City Council posItion 7, is not shown.

(oooops…..the Editor apologizes….and it is now included).

Mike Delavar’s sign shows he is running for the wrong seat.  Not very effective.

No (for) Plinsky sign, but tiny and black is not real effective for me.

The yellow one’s definitely stand out against the rest.”

——Joe G.


“There are too many signs at intersections.  You can’t even see them anymore, there’s so many.  I like the green one the best; easy on the eyes.  The ones without color just are boring.”

—–Kathy P.


“I think those folks that stand out there and wave their signs are working pretty hard.  It helps if the sign stands out a bit, too.”

—–Jason L.


“I heard that there were problems with keeping signs up in the Forest View area.   My understanding is that one of the Washougal councilman was doing this, even though the signs were legally placed on city property.  I think everybody should have the right to place their signs without having to get them stolen, and by another government official no less!”

———Alice B.


“Signs don’t really make me vote one way or the other.  I see them as letting people know just who is running.  I thought the sign by Bi-Mart with the three people (ECFR commissioners) was interesting.  I did check out the website that was listed.”

——-Thomas B.


” In my opinion, elections should be as visable as possible. 

I happen to like the brief colorful maddness that is yard sign mania.  I think they are fun!  It is a good way for a campaign to interface with the public and for friends of the candidates to be involved. ”

—Joyce L.

“Wow, where did all the signs go?  They got them outta here pretty darn quick.  I’ll almost miss them.  And, no the signs did not influence my vote.   The voters pamphlet was the first thing that I used, and then I asked people I trusted to talk about their preferences.”

—Barb M.