LETTER: Upcoming Election Causes Concern for Future of ECFR volunteers

October 8, 2011

I spent 30+ years as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Responder for District #9 and ECFR. Commissioners Clancy, Hoober, and Larson have helped guide this department over their many years in office. They have served selflessly, always doing what is best for our residents, and always keeping the Fire District within budget.

It is no secret that the candidates opposing the current Board Members were recruited by the Camas Firefighters Union. If they are elected, it will only be a matter of time until the ECFR Volunteers are “discontinued” and more full time firefighters are “urgently needed.” The opposition candidates won’t tell you that the ECFR budget cannot support the high wages and excessive benefit package given to Camas Fire personnel. Additional tax money will be needed for staffing, using only Career Camas Firefighters, or ECFR stations will have to be closed to balance the budget. Sounds like the current problem with Camas Ambulance, doesn’t it?

Visit FCOMM.ORG or ECVFA.ORG for more information supporting the re-election of Commissioners Clancy, Hoober and Larson.

Michael Dickerson