Election Results Now Final for Camas, Washougal, Port District, and ECFR

November 30, 2011

Recall Still Scheduled for Morris-Plinski race

UPDATE: According to a Clark County press release, for the November 8, 2011 General election, the Clark County Canvassing Board met at 3:30 PM, Tuesday, November 29 to certify the results. At this meeting a schedule for the recount of ballots for the office of City Council, Position No. 2, City of Washougal and City Council, Position No. 7, City of Woodland, was set for Monday, December 5, 2011 at 1:00 PM.

The recount of ballots in this race will continue until complete.

Recount results will also be on the County Auditor’s internet web site athttp://www.clark.wa.gov/elections/results/index.html.

Original Story:

The final results of the Camas and Washougal elections have been posted on the Clark County Elections website as of November 29th.

In Camas, Scott Higgins has overwhelmingly held his position as Mayor, while Linda Dietzman has easily maintained her council position over last-minute write in Steve Bang.

Recently appointed to council, Shannon Turk will continue in her position, winning by almost 9% over challenger Margaret Tweet.

In Washougal, some surprises, with Connie Jo Freeman unseating long-time council person Molly Coston.

Incumbent Michael Delaver has been replaced by Joyce Lindsay, while Jennifer McDaniel held her seat by 369 votes over Niki Anderson.

Caryn Plinksi and Rod Morris, in a close race separated by just 8 votes, will face-off in a recall scheduled for December 5th.

Here are the results with both number and percentage of votes:


Scott Higgins   4,016   81.78%

Ken Kakuk   853   17.37%


Linda Amundson Dietzman    3,463   90.73%

Steve Bang (W)   265   6.94%


Greg K. Anderson    3,720   98.44%


ShannonTurk     2,766   58.98%

Margaret Tweet   1,903   40.58%


Don Chaney   3,794   98.16%


Percentage of Registered Voters Voting: 48.38%



Rodney P. Morris   1,491   49.57%

Caryn Plinski    1,499   49.83%


Joyce Lindsay   1,620   53.31%

Michael Delavar   1,406   46.27%


Jennifer McDaniel   1,683   55.80%

Niki Anderson   1,314  43.57%


Molly Coston   1,417   46.95%

Connie Jo Freeman   1,581   52.39%


Percentage of Registered Voters Voting: 45.59%


Port of Camas-Washougal Commissioner:

Bill Ward    6,380    63.42%

Neil T. Cahoon    3,624    36.02%


Percentage of Registered Voters Voting: 48.19%


East County Fire & Rescue Commissioners:

Kenny Cochran   769    28.09%

Gary Larson    1,948     71.15%


John E. Clancy    1,740    64.21%

Brooks Cooper    956    35.28%


Thomas Gianatasio    886    32.86%

George (Jack) Hoober    1,798    66.69%


Percentage of Registered Voters Voting: 50.64%

See the Official Clark County Election results for November 8th at: http://www.co.clark.wa.us/elections/results/2011/2011GeneralNovElectionResults.pdf