Project at Lacamas Lake Park to Benefit White Oak Habitat

November 16, 2011

According to a Clark County news release, starting Nov. 28, Clark County Public Works and the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation AmeriCorps Team will remove about 40 Douglas fir trees near the Camas lily fields at Lacamas Lake Regional Park as part of a habitat enhancement project.

For public safety, Clark County will close the south side of the Camas lily fields while trees are removed. The area is scheduled to reopen by Dec. 3. Downed tree trunks will be left in place to provide additional wildlife habitat. Branches will be removed and scattered throughout the surrounding forest to further improve the habitat.

Removing the firs will improve the health of Oregon white oak trees that surround the lily fields.

Camas lily fields near Round Lake

The faster-growing taller fir trees negatively affect the health of the oaks, which require full sun to flourish. After the firs are removed, the oaks should start producing larger acorn crops and new branches. Oregon white oak is Washington’s only native oak tree and provides habitat for many different species of wildlife.

The Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation AmeriCorps Team works on environmental education and habitat restoration projects in parks throughout Clark County. The team also works with local equestrian groups to maintain trails at Whipple Creek Regional Park.

Lacamas Lake Regional Park is at 3344 N.E. Everett St., Camas. The lily fields are on the southeast side of Round Lake. Clark County Public Works and Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation work together to operate and maintain this 312-acre park, which is one of the largest in the county. More information about Lacamas Lake Regional Park is available online at