UPDATE: Recount likely for Rod Morris and Caryn Plinski council race

November 11, 2011

by Martha Martin

Rod Morris

UPDATE NOVEMBER 15, 2011:  As of today, 99 more votes County wide have been returned since last Thursday.  An automatic recount is likely for the City of Washougal Council race between Rod Morris and Caryn Plinksi, who currently are separated by only six votes.

According to RCW 29A.64.022, an automatic recount is triggered by races with less than one half of 1% of votes cast separating candidates.

Citizens and candidates will have to wait until after November 29th for the recount process, which will be done on Monday December 5th.

For additional information about the election results in Clark county, see the Clark County Elections results page at

Original Story:

Talk about a nail-biter.  As of today, November 10th, the Clark County Election Results show Rod Morris, the current long-time City of Washougal council incumbent, with 1,472 votes.  Caryn Plinski, his challenger has 1,474 votes, separating them by just two votes at this time.

Another current City of Washougal incumbent, Molly Coston, appears to be losing her council seat to challenger Connie Jo Freeman in another close race to the finish.  Molly currently has 1,401 votes, and Connie Jo is currently ahead by 153 votes for a total of 1, 554.

Caryn Plinski

Two apparent winners for seats on the council are Joyce Lindsay, ousting incumbent Michael Delavar by 204 votes, and Jennifer McDaniel gaining back her council seat from challenger Niki Anderson by 366 votes.

The total percentage of votes returned is higher than the 43% predicted, with registered voters returning almost 45% of ballots. Could there still be more out there?  Check the Clark County Election Results tomorrow afternoon.  Click here for the results in pdf, which will be updated daily.

Certification of the election results occurs on November 29th.