City of Washougal Passes State Accountability Audit

November 21, 2011

Mayor Sean Guard

The City of Washougal has successfully passed a second State Audit this year, this one being an Accountability Audit.  There were no findings or a management letter.

The State Auditor’s Office (SAO)  issued Audit Report # 1006646 on November 7th, covering the period from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.

Mayor Sean Guard stated  “I am extremely pleased with the conclusion of this audit, and the one finalized earlier this Fall which also had no findings or management letter.  This audit is especially gratifying because it covers the initial period under my full administration and helps to show that our City is taking steps to improve our policies and procedures.”

“We appreciate the cooperation of the SAO in conducting a thorough and diligent audit, and I personally thank them for assisting our staff as we endeavor to quickly and accurately update old policies, get new policies in place and improve our record-keeping. It has been a daunting task that is not yet completed, but we are on the right track,” Guard continued.  “Our citizens can be much more confident in their City administration and the way that we safeguard both our assets and our accountability.”

Guard added “I also want to commend our Finance Department and in particular Finance Director Jennifer Forsberg.  When she stepped into the position, she did so knowing that it was going to be a very stressful and difficult task to get us back on the right track in a short period of time.  She and her staff have been successful and I have every faith that through 2012 we will complete most of our task relating to new, updated policies and procedures.”

Guard continued with praise of his staff.  “I also commend the rest of our City staff.  While the finance department has the task of taking in, accounting for and dispersing all finances and records of the City, it is only through the work and records of all of our staff that they can properly complete all of the work.  Most residents don’t realize the importance of the record-keeping needed by inspectors, police officers, meter-readers, water/sewer staff, permit technicians and all the rest who assist in getting the proper information prepared.  My thanks to them all.”

My thanks to them, as well, as editor of Silver Star Reporter.

A copy of the report may be found on the SAO website at:

or by calling Washougal City Hall at 360-835-8501.