Clark County Arts Commission Launches New Website

November 25, 2011

by Martha Martin

The Clark County Arts Commission, newly formed in May of 2010, has launched their new website.   The website includes information about the Commission, the Commissioners, the mission and purpose, public meeting schedule, copies of meeting minutes,  and a contact page.  The link is located at

The Clark County Arts Commission (CCAC) is made up of eleven commissioners.   Eight are from the Clark County communities of Vancouver (Anni Becker), Ridgefield (Elizabeth Madrigal), La Center (Amy Chase), Washougal (Dr. Martha Martin), Camas (Donna Roberge), Battle Ground (Linda Kliewer), Yacolt (Pat LaCroix), and Woodland (Melinda Leuthold).  Three represent the county (Laurel Whitehurst), education (Erin Stromme), and business (Elizabeth Holmes).

The Commission has worked dilegently to put together their new website, forming a Communications Committee made up of Elizabeth Madrigal (Ridgefield), Melinda Leuthold (Woodland), and Martha Martin (Washougal), who have worked to polish the content and quality of the site.  The logo, which is at the top of each page was designed by Debbie at Dean’s Graphics as an in-kind donation.  After submitting the site for County Board of Commission approval, the site was officially launched this week.

The CCAC was established by the Clark County Board of Commissioners. Each CCAC commissioner was nominated by their respective community, and then approved by the Clark County Commissioners, with the exception of the three at large positions, which were appointed by the County Commissioners.

CCAC has developed it mission statement and has begun development and implementation of a strategic plan.

The Mission Statement for the Clark County Art Commission reads as follows:

 It is the mission of the Clark County Arts Commission to stimulate participation and growth in the Arts throughout Clark County by:  

  • Increasing access to the Arts and celebrating the cultural diversity of all Clark County Residents;
  • Developing partnerships that strive to promote the Arts industry as viable and significant for community and economic development;
  • Supporting outreach programs and activities in the Arts as an integral part of educating the community;
  • Encouraging the community to cultivate a thriving environment of creative expression and appreciation for the arts which is beneficial to all.

The current officers are Chair Elizabeth Holmes, Vice Chair Martha Martin, Secretary Laurel Whitehurst, and Treasurer Amy Chase.  CCAC committees are: Outreach, Education, Finance, and Public Art.  Members of the public may volunteer to assist on these committees.

Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month, with the next meeting scheduled for December 20th (earlier time because of the holiday), and January 24, 2012 at 6:30pm.  These meetings are open to the public, and offer public comment times.  Meeting location is 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA on the 6th floor.

For more information regarding the Clark County Arts Commission, please see