Tension Mounts During Last Week Before Election Day

November 3, 2011

by Martha Martin

Does it feel like everyone is holding their breath?  And no one dares to exhale until next Tuesday evening?  There are many people who have fingers and toes crossed, in hopes that this November 8th election goes in the direction they desire.

This has been an election to remember.  Never has Washougal had so many people at the same time running actual campaigns.  Campaign signs sprang up earlier this year than ever before.  People have been braving the elements and standing on many visible corners to wave signs for their favorite candidates.  Ads that dare you to ingore them have shown up in our local print papers, and letters to the editor are so numerous that not all could possibly be printed.  The Post Office has been happy to see an increase in postage purchased for campaign mailers.

To say the least, people are actively seeking elected offices, and the public can only be the benefactor from this process.

Endorsements by newspapers have been a long tradition.   Since the Silver Star Reporter is less than a few months old, and this editor is still busy getting the rhythm that will best fit the community, this will be a broader endorsement than just individual candidates.

This is what  Silver Star Reporter would like the voters to consider, if they have not already mailed in their ballot.

Please consider those candidates that actually have an interest in what the local citizens  would like for their community.   Simply stated, this means those candidates that focus on local issues, and not those of state and federal government.

Please consider those candidates that have a track record of listening to you, regard you with respect when you make the effort to attend a public meeting, and make a habit of answering your questions in a timely manner.

Please consider those candidates that actually have attended public meetings regularly, have educated themselves about the position they seek, and have attempted to connect with the citizens they seek to represent.

Please consider those candidates that put community first over political or financial ambitions and have a desire to work respectfully with other local government officials.  Simply stated, these candidates can offer positive and healthy solutions, stay focused on what already works, and inspire their collegues to enthusiastically work together.

And please consider those candidates who will educate themselves about Washington State’s Sun Shine laws and the Open Public Meeting Act, and then use it all the time in the way the laws were written.

While waving signs can seem admirable, and getting signs on roads with the most access can seem important, please consider those candidates that actually want to be a public servant. Simply stated, those candidates that know this job pays next to nothing, and will see their service to you as the only necessary reward.

If you have any doubts about a candidate, contact them and ask them questions.   Find out all you can in making a choice that works for you.  You can find all candidate contact information in your voter’s pamphlet.  For those candidates with no contact information, I hope you consider this in your decision making process.

The most important voice is yours in deciding who you really want to represent you at the local city, east county, and port level.  Please cast your ballot after thoughtful consideration of each vote.  And then we will all be able to breath once again.

UPDATE: Silver Star Reporter has published one specific endorsement.  Please read story about ECFR commission race by clicking HERE