Washougal Business “Mary Jane’s House of Glass” Searched by Police, One Employee Arrested

December 18, 2011

by Washougal Police Press Release

Mary Jane's House of Glass remains open for business following the arrest of one employee by Washougal police. ---photo by Martha Martin
















Just shortly after noon on Friday, a citizen, unable to rouse anyone  in a local Washougal business, flagged down a Washougal Police vehicle driving past on ‘E’ Street. The business, “Mary Jane’s House of Glass – Precious Paws Dog and Cat Food” (one business) is located at  1825 E Street in Washougal.

The citizen informed officer Houts that he was inside Mary Jane’s for approximately twenty minutes yelling for the store clerk, but was unable to get someone to come to the counter. The citizen, thinking that something may have happened inside the store, exited the building to call 911 when he saw the Washougal Police vehicle.

Officer Houts than notified dispatch that he had been flagged down and waited for additional police units before entering the building.

According to Washougal police,  officers then entered the store while announcing  themselves loudly several times.  Upon hearing no response, the officers searched the store portion of the building for employees, and were unable to locate anyone.

With increased concern for the safety and well being of the employees, the officers looked  in the remaining portion of the building.

The officers entered what appeared to be an office and found a man laying on the floor.  He was unresponsive to the officers’ commands.

While an officer remained with the man, other officers continued looking for potential suspects or victims.

According to Washougal police, officers found a room that contained a “large amount of dried marijuana laying all over the floor, (all over the) counters, and in open large plastic garbage bags.”

Finding no additional people in the building, officers returned their attention to the man on the floor, who eventually woke up and identified himself Mario Corona, age twenty one. Corona, the lone employee in the store, had apparently fallen asleep on the floor. He did not have any injuries.

Initial observations of Corona’s situation led police to detain him for suspicion of possession of marijuana.  He was removed from the building, while officers contained the site and applied for a search warrant.

After receiving the search warrant, the Washougal Police Officers re-entered the building.

In one room, which contained the largest amount of marijuana, officers found packaging material, a bag sealing machine, a scale, loose marijuana, and stripped marijuana stalks.

Numerous smoking devices containing burnt residue were also seized. The smoking devices consisted of glass pipes and water pipes commonly known as “bongs”.  In addition, the officers noted loose marijuana known as “shake” on the floor in several of the rooms behind the store front.

According to police, approximately five pounds of dried marijuana was removed from the store.  The local retail business was open for business at the time of the incident.

Corona was arrested by the Washougal Police Department and booked into the Clark County Jail on one count of felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

The investigation continues,  and according to Washougal Police Sergeant Allen Cook, additional arrests may occur.