Lloyd Halverson, Camas City Administrator, proposes retirement “transition” to end March 2013

January 27, 2012

by Martha Martin

Camas Schools Superintendent Mike Nerland, Mayor Scott Higgins, and Council member Linda Dietzman sit with somber faces as City Admistrator Lloyd Halverson (3rd from left) reads his proposed "transition" to retire by March of 2013 (photo Martha Martin)














After almost twenty-three years of service with the City of Camas, City Administrator Lloyd Halverson announced today that he will begin the transition towards his March of 2013 retirement.

During the City of Camas Planning Conference held at the Camas Community Center, Halverson presented his “Proposed Transition Plan”, which includes leaving his full-time duties by early fall of 2012, with the intent of having a full time replacement recruited, selected, and placed by September of 2012.

Recruitment would begin this spring, ending no later than August.  Halverson sees this as very feasible.

“My assistance in that would focus on assuring a good process, and assuring a good field of  quality applicants” said Halverson, reading from his proposal.

“The timing suggested in this would help us have the highest likelihood of a very good crop of candidates.”

Halverson would remain employed an average of twenty-four hours per week, starting the last part of September 2012 through March of 2013.  “I would not have the full scope of duties, responsibilities, and so on, of city administrator.  My focus would be on very carefully parsed out tasks.”

He proposed assisting with the transition process to a new city administrator, including orientation, background, and introductions to key external partners, officials and ‘stakeholders’.

He emphasized working with “the team” on other tasks that would include obtaining funding for capital projects, such as grants, loans, and appropriations.  He would also be involved in  advocating with legislators and agencies pertinent to Camas, and continue to assist with property acquisitions, especially open space and parks.  He would also be accessible to offer organized information for city projects, and continue to accept assignments from Mayor Higgins.

In responding to the possible question of ‘why is this transition suggested this early on?’,  Halverson emphasized “Longer advanced planning, notice, and transition time  is in the best interest of the city.”

His goal is to be “a free man in my off time,” adding “I hope and intend to continue to make a contribution.”

Costs for the transition, which would include a part time salary and fringe benefits, would be approximately $50,000.

Mellisa Smith, council member, presented an emotional comment to Halverson’s proposal.

“You taking the long term approach of the transition, that’s a character of you.  We appreciate everything you have done, and I really respect the proposal, the transition that you have put out there, and that just shows the character of the man you are, and thank you.”

Mayor Higgins was also visibly moved by Halverson’s announcement.

“I’ve been carrying the weight of this for about ten months, I think,  and I just want to take you through what my process has been.”

City Administrator Lloyd Halverson at the January 27th City of Camas Planning Conference (photo Martha Martin)

“My process was to beg this man to stay with me for as long as I am the Mayor.  I know that he has made me successful to where I am now, and he would continue.  And yet, that is so selfish.  People work in their life to get where they can spend time with their families.”

Mayor Higgins stated that he moved through “my selfishness”, and he and Halverson sat down to make “the best plan” for the city of Camas.

Higgins says he now fully supports this plan, seeing it as “the right way at the right time.”

Higgins says that Halverson has assured him that he will remain available “as my trusted advisor”.

Lloyd added an acknowledgment in his proposal, stating “I deeply appreciate the opportunities and many satisfactions of being Camas’ first City Administrator.  The teamwork, support and achievements are appreciated in a most heartfelt way.  I will try to express this better in other ways in the coming months.  I will continue to give my best to the City and team.”