UPDATE: Thanks to all 1005 Readers of Silver Star Reporter!

February 16, 2012

Silver Star Reporter now has 1005 readers!







UPDATE: One Thousand and Five (1005) people are now reading Silver Star Reporter.  That is the official count as of today, March 23, according to Google Analytics.

Silver Star Reporter began in September of 2011, and during the first month there were 128 new readers.  Each month, more readers have visited the site, averaging 150 new readers each month.  Recently, between January 15 and February 16, Silver Star Reporter gained an additional 234 readers.

An average of 1122 pages were viewed each month for a total so far of 5611 pages viewed.  It appears that readers keep returning day after day, and month after month.

The majority of reader are from Camas and Washougal, and the surrounding rural areas in Clark county, as well as into Skamania County.

There are also many readers from other cities in Washington State, as well as  Oregon, Idaho, California.

Clusters of readers  are from several states including Texas, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Kansas, Alaska, Maine, New Jersey, Missouri, New Mexico, and South Dakota.  The average per state is about 8-10 readers.

There are no boundaries to an online newspaper.  Silver Star Reporter has readers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, India, Australia, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Hong Kong, Croatia, South Korea, Philippines, Poland, Argentina, Austria, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Germany, China, and about a dozen more other countries.

So now Silver Star Reporter is global; that is exciting!

I appreciate the consistent feedback regarding the stories and content that you all prefer to see.   There are more stories coming, as I work my way through several interviews about local people and community events, and keep you up to date on our local business and politics.

Readers have indicated a desire for more school related stories; watch for more of these very soon.

Being a staff of one has been challenging, to be sure, since I am reporter, photographer, editor, and sales person all in one.  Future plans for Silver Star Reporter include more stories from other local writers.

My intention is to never sacrifice quality for quantity.  You will get stories that are more in depth, and give you a more rounded perspective about those who live and work in your community.

I want to thank all of you for becoming regular readers of Silver Star Reporter.  Your support is what keeps this staff of one motivated to provide you with quality news and information.

—Your Editor, Martha Martin