Washougal Police discover several auto thefts following arrest

April 20, 2012

by Martha Martin

Washougal Police arrested Daniel Ditlow after he was seen driving a stolen vehicle near 'A' Street at Washougal River Road in down town Washougal (photo Martha Martin)

According to a Washougal Police press release, a man was arrested on April 12 after being observed driving a green 1993 Honda in the area of “A” street and Washougal River Road.

Sgt. Brad Chicks, the arresting officer, noted that the man, later identified as 30 year old Daniel J. Ditlow, matched the description of a person involved in other “suspicious incidents” which had been reported the same day.  The man was described as a bald white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.

Further investigation by Chicks detemined that Ditlow was a suspended driver currently wanted by the Camas Police for motor vehicle theft.

Ditlow walked away from the vehicle he was driving during Chicks investigation, and was seen walking in the area of Love  and Main streets in downtown Washougal.  He was later located by Chicks in an outside stairwell of an apartment building at 300 Love street.

Ditlow was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and possession of a stolen vehicle.  The Honda had recently been called in to police as stolen from Jantzen Beach Mall less than an hour previous to the arrest.

It was also determined that Ditlow had been involved in numerous vehicle thefts in the local area where he would use “Shaved keys” to open and start older model Honda’s and Acura’s.  According to Washougal police, Ditlow  would drive them for a short time and then dump the cars, preceding to steal another one.

Through this investigation, Ditlow was linked to numerous auto thefts in Washougal, Camas, Portland, Vancouver, and Clark County. The investigation is continuing, and additional felony charges will be filed.

Ditlow  is currently incarcerated in the Clark County Jail.

According to police, over the past several months, there have been an increase of auto thefts in Clark County involving late model Honda’s, Acura’s and Toyota’s.

Citizens are encouraged to report to their local police any suspicious Honda’s, Acura’s and Toyota’s that have been parked along the streets or in their neighborhoods.