Washougal Mayor aims to place 500 American Flags by July 4

June 8, 2012

Mayor Sean Guard wants 500 flags flying for July 4th (photo by Martha Martin)

Washougal Mayor Sean Guard says he is disheartened by the diminishing number of US flags flown on holidays, and is working to increase the number of flags displayed by residents in time for Independence Day on July 4.

Working with Valley Forge Flag Company and Camas-based Glory Days Trophies, Guard is taking orders for flags through June 22. Cost of the flags is $10 each and includes installation at your home before July 4th.

“Being able to work with Valley Forge Flag, who sells a flag made in the USA, as well as Glory Days, a good local company, makes this a win-win for our community,” Guard said. “It allows us to buy American-made flags and use a local company, as well as working through our local community service groups to then take the flags out and install them for residents. It cannot get much easier or patriotic than that.”

Guard’s goal is to have at least 500 new flags flying in the community by July 4 and to encourage those residents to remember to fly the flags on all other holidays as well.

This effort is not limited to just Washougal, however.

“Washougal and Camas are, as we have stated before, truly two cities that make up one larger community. We are happy to provide this same service to residents in both Washougal and Camas,” Guard stated. “Our goal is to honor our flag, not worry about what city you live in.”

Additionally, if there are residents who are in need of a flag, but who cannot afford the cost in this economically challenged time, Guard and his wife will provide that home a flag at no cost, including the installation.  There will also be assistance to hang flags; contact Guard for this service.

To order a flag, email Mayor Guard at seanguard@comcast.net. Include your name, address and phone number. The cost of the flags will be collected at the time the flag is installed.

If you wish to help install the flags throughout the communities on June 30, also email Mayor Guard at the same email address.

If you miss the order deadline of June 22, U.S. flags can be purchased at True Value Hardware or Bi-Mart in Washougal and Lutz Hardware in Camas.