LETTER: Keeping storm water clean is every home owner’s job

July 27, 2012

Dear Editor;

In light of the recent City Council meeting, I would suggest that the City of Washougal administration attend to the planning that is being done by the Clark County Arts Commission Public Art Committee.

We are planning and Earthworks Symposium which will be preceded by a tour of locations demonstrating creative ideas in dealing with surface water issues and providing public spaces all in one.

You can see a current example of artist Lorna Jordon’s creative solution for treating storm water in the Renton Water Works Garden.

Portland State University Architecture Department is running  series of tests on “water roofs” and “water walls” to see which system is viable and efficient in: 1) slowing water runoff 2) insulating ability 3) Practicality.  There are a lot of conservation ideas that all contribute to clean water… the first and most important is to prevent pollutants from entering every stream of water.

The Arts Commission Committee sees these efforts as just one example of the type of creative ideas that will be discussed at the symposium.  We expect to create the first large scale Public Art installation, an Earthworks, in Clark County that will also address environmental needs of maintaining clean water.

The symposium  planners hopes to draw technical and aesthetic expertise from around the region in the fall to discuss 21st century solutions to problems that are experienced by the cities in our county and region now.

We expect there will also be a lot of spin off from the creative ideas and technical expertise which will be brought to bear by the symposium goals and inspire others to greater success.   

Anyone interested in this art project should contact the Clark County Arts Commission at PO Box 500, Vancouver WA 98666 or e-mail the Chair at placroix@clarkcountyartscommission.org and volunteer to help.

Laurel Whitehurst
Public Art Committee
Clark County Arts Commission